How it all began? I wasn’t interested in school books and chose sports and creativity instead. Around 1989 I first spotted some guys doing graffiti near school. I stopped paying attention and started scribbling in my books. During class and looked outside to these big letterings whenever I could and it wasn’t much later I started painting on the walls myself. As a kid I loved skateboarding and growing up I picked up snowboarding as well. As a former Dutch snowboard champion I always stayed on the more creative side of life enjoying music, design and art. The love for graffiti grew and I developed my creativity more each day. I started out as a graphic designer in ’00 and began my business Blazin Industries which I still run today.  It wasn’t until 2009 that I started making my first strokes in calligraphy, inspired by legendary calligraffiti artist Shoe. People often ask me why team blazin? Since I do several types of art I feel like a team, thus team blazin. Today my work varies from custom lettering, logo and identity designing, graffiti art and most notably calligraphy. Follow me on my creative journey. 


Sketch - The first step to a custom lettering logo is sketching, sketching and some more sketching.

Sample - After the sketch session there will be some sample selection for the client to see.

Feedback - Important is the feedback, from sample to final sketching mode .

Vectorize - When final sketch is approved its time to make the design digital by vectorizing in Ai.

Colors - Now the lettering is digital and the fun part begins with playing with colors & shapes. 

Final feedback - Some last tweeking, coloring or shaping for a nice final lettering design.

Blazin mural / graffiti

Concept - What does the client want with the mural and the message for the mural.

Design - After brainstroming there comes a follow up design for the mural by sketch.

Materials - What materials we need besides paint. 

Planning - Time table for the total project.

Production - Execution by the artist.